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Real Estate Firm JRK Washington Discusses Fitness in the New Normal

Jun 23, 2020

TACOMA, WASHINGTON – 21 June 2020 — As Americans emerge from a month-long quarantine, many are eager to finally get their fitness back on track. But real estate firm JRK Washington says the best place to start might be right where you are: at home.

The company is behind Boulders at Puget Sound, a luxury apartment that features various amenities that encourage residents to lead an active lifestyle. “When you live near the Puget Sound and Titlow Beach, you can’t help but want to be active. By incorporating fitness amenities, we bring that same spirit of activity and wellness into our property,” says JRK.

Those who live at Boulders at Puget Sound can do weight training at the 24-hour state-of-the-art gym or some low-impact cardio at the resort-style pool that comes with a wading area. They can also shoot hoops at the basketball court, or play a round of bocce ball—a sport that shares similarities with handball and lawn bowling.

Real Estate Firm JRK Washington adds that these features allowed residents to continue their fitness routines, even as gyms and public parks closed at the height of the COVID-19 crisis. And even as the state reopens, many still choose to use these in-house amenities out of convenience and precaution.

JRK Washington says that safety matters

The company stresses that while physical activity is crucial to overall health, necessary precautions must still be observed when working out in public spaces or amenities. It gives the following advice, based on its own experience running its fitness facilities during the quarantine:

Social distancing

As diseases are often transmitted through droplets when someone coughs or sneezes, always keep a six-feet distance between you and others when working out to minimize risk. If possible, visit facilities during off-peak hours when there are less people.

Always wear a face mask

Wearing a mask also reduces your chances of inhaling said infectious droplets. Doing so also prevents you from spreading respiratory diseases to other people. Always pack a spare mask in your gym bag, so you’re always prepared.

Disinfecting is a must

Fitness facilities are high-touch places by nature, so always disinfect equipment such as dumbbells or kettlebells before using them. Avoid touching your eyes and nose when exercising, and always wash your hands thoroughly after a workout.

Keep workouts short

Many fitness enthusiasts spend hours working out each day. But during these times, it’s wiser to do quicker workouts to limit exposure to other people. Luckily, there are many full-body workouts that are not only fast but also effective.

Bring your own water bottle

Hydration is important during workouts, but you may not want to drink water from the communal water fountain. A safer alternative is to bring your own bottle instead.

Units at Boulders at Puget Sound still available

JRK Washington says that units are still available at their luxury apartment, which features one- to three-bedroom units. Those who wish to learn more about Boulders at Puget Sound’s floor layout and its fitness amenities may visit:

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