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Property Management Key To Tenant Satisfaction | JRK Washington

Jun 30, 2020

Property Management Key To Tenant Satisfaction | JRK Washington


One of the perks of renting a home is that tenants are not in charge of maintenance. Should there be a leaky pipe or a clogged toilet, you have the landlord to take care of these issues. Unfortunately, the quality of property management in multi-family residences does not always meet these lofty expectations. Residents may encounter unresponsive landlords or put up with repairs that go unaddressed for weeks. But JRK Washington, a developer with properties across 20 states, says that top-notch quality management has proven to be a key factor in the success of their luxury apartment in North Tacoma.


That property is Boulders at Puget Sound, a high-end, multi-family residence near Route 16, I-705, and I-5. Unlike other apartments or condos where hundreds of people live in the same building, the property is home to only a couple dozen tenants. According to the developer, this was an intentional decision when designing the property, because a moderate tenant size allows them to provide more attentive services. JRK Washington adds that: “This apartment caters to a discerning set, so our property management could not simply be run of the mill.”


What sets apart property management at Boulders at Puget Sound?

The developer says that people can expect property management services in Boulders at Puget Sound that are seldom provided elsewhere. Some examples include:


On-site management

Many apartments don’t necessarily have on-site management, or they hire contractors to perform this duty. With no ownership of the tasks on hand, residents often encounter lackluster property management. Boulders at Puget Sound, on the other hand, has a dedicated in-house team that’s always on standby.


48-hour maintenance commitment

Sooner or later, a pipe will leak or a garbage disposal gets clogged. The luxury apartment has a maintenance commitment, in which routine maintenance work must be finished within 48 hours. This ensures that issues will be repaired promptly under most circumstances.


24-hour emergency maintenance response

More urgent repairs, on the other hand, are covered by the apartment’s 24-hour emergency maintenance commitment. These include issues such electrical outage, malfunctioning HVAC system, flooding inside the unit, or possible gas leaks. The more rapid response aims to maintain the safety and comfort of the tenants.


Corporate leases upon request

Companies can also lease units on behalf of their employees who will be working in the area for an extended amount of time. Unlike a hotel room, Boulders at Puget Sound offers fully furnished units that feel just like home. Even better, the employee can enjoy all the amenities regular residents enjoy, such as the 24-hour gym, resort-style swimming pool, and sports facilities.


Online payment available

For the tenants’ convenience, the luxury apartment accepts payments online. The accepted payment channels include e-checks, credit cards, and fund transfers via MoneyGram. As such, tenants can pay their dues anytime without stepping out of their home.


JRK Washington opens its doors to tenants

People can expect nothing but the best property management at Boulders at Puget Sound, where units are still available. Interested parties may visit, call (253) 205-0250, or send an email to (email address) to book an in-person or remote tour. 


For easier application, the luxury apartment is also accepting tenant applications via its online portal.