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Boulders at Puget Sound: A Luxury Apartment Where Family Fun Never Stops

Jun 25, 2020

TACOMA, WASHINGTON, 25 June 2020 – If you’re like most parents, keeping your kids entertained these last few months has been quite the challenge. With quarantine orders in place, many of the area’s family-friendly places have closed in line with local health directives. And even now that the state of Washington has slowly opened, it’s still more prudent stay indoors until the pandemic blows over. But Boulders at Puget Sound, a luxury apartment in North Tacoma, proves that you can have a great time even if you don’t leave home.

The apartment is a project of JRK Washington, a developer that has diversified properties in 20 states across the country. According to JRK, one of the firm’s specialties are hotels, which is why the high-end apartment offers many amenities found in such establishments.

Boulders at Puget Sound: A place for family fun

According to JRK Washington, the amenities in this project are highly communal, making them a great venue for family bonding. Among these are:

Resort-style pool

Residents have exclusive access to a luxurious pool where they can swim, play, and unwind with their families. There’s also a wading area ideal for young children or for those who simply wish to lounge around. Grandparents can also get a low-impact cardio workout while having a splashing good time with the grandkids.

24-hour fitness center

Parents and their teens can enjoy some active fun at the apartment’s well-appointed gym that features state-of-the-art equipment. Having a gym that’s open 24/7 also means that residents no longer have to venture outside just to get a workout.

Basketball court

The NBA season might be on hold for the time being, but families can play their own action-packed game of basketball on the full-sized court. They can team up in various ways, such as kids versus parents or boys versus girls.

Bocce ball court

For families with smaller children, the relaxing bocce ball offers a kid-friendly alternative. The ancient sport features elements of handball and lawn bowling, and involves throwing a ball from one end of the court to the other. The game can be played from two to eight participants.

Free coffee bar

Residents can also enjoy a laid-back brunch right in their backyard, thanks to the free coffee bar at the clubhouse. It’s a chance to dine with the family, catch up with neighbors, or enjoy some quality time with the spouse away from the kids.

JRK explains the philosophy behind these premium features: “Many apartments are designed as just dwellings, adding little value to residents’ experience and enjoyment. We decided to introduce elements of our hotel into our apartments to make it a place that people will genuinely enjoy living in. And with the shelter-in-place orders, we feel that our residents have truly benefited from our family-centric amenities.”

JRK Washington invites tenants to its luxury apartment

People looking to experience elevated apartment living will be glad to know that units are still available at Boulders at Puget Sound. Interested parties may visit, call (253) 205-0250, or send an email to (email address) to book an in-person or remote tour.

For easier application, the luxury apartment is also accepting tenant applications via its online portal.

ABOUT JRK: JRK Washington offers attractive and modernized apartments and hotel rooms to rent and reserve throughout the United States. At JRK, we believe that our tenants and guests deserve comfort, convenience and a place they can come home to. You can count on our friendly, exceptional staff and our personalized service.

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